Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Don't beat people up.

I suppose I should have taken a little more warning with the odd text message I received yesterday. It was from Ben's number, but his name didn't show up. I guess being in Mexico and not wanting to incur huge roaming charges made him send messages via the web. It said "I'll see you both tomorrow!! Email me if you got my messages! Don't beat anyone up tonight!!"

That sounds fairly normal, except why would we be beating anyone up? Perhaps he knew about what would happen early this morning. After 4 hours of sleep, we walked to the bus stop near our house. (Nothing like taking public transportation to get on a first class flight!) While waiting bleary eyed with the rest of the passengers a bus headed towards Denver dropped off a passenger that was hesitant to get off the bus. Now understandably, it was about 40 degrees and this person was seated on a nice comfy until the driver kicked them off.

The man (?) stumbled off the bus and looked like a person that just got off a boat after a rough time at sea. (S)He decided to stand in the road and challenge all of us bus stop attendees to a rock throwing contest. Surprisingly, nobody accepted. So the next logical thing to do is come back and ask us all of some money. Again, nobody decided to hand over their cash. He then asked for money because he was a woman. He did have long hair, but I thought that it took more than that to be a woman. Maybe this person was more intoxicated than I have ever been.

The vagrant angered a woman at the bus stop long enough that it was told to "Go fuck yourself". Enraged, the transient exclaimed to everyone within 4 blocks that s/he had NEVER done that! It got a few chuckles out of us which further enraged the long haired, drunk (wo)man. S/he pushed over a newspaper container which made some people jump. We were informed that she called himself Madonna, Rhianna, and/or Coco.

I was thoroughly amused until s/he stood too close to Mojdeh with a hand too close to her purse than I would have liked. As my mind raced with the possibility of punching this person if they made a move to rob us I realized that everyone at the bus stop was looking out for our well being also. I considered calling the police, but a cell would be warm and sobering. 

We boarded our bus and I slept well on the way to the airport knowing that we were "nearly" robbed half a block from our house, not in Mexico. It would be a bummer if I weren't writing this post from my comfortable first class seat.

Hasta luego. Remember, with drugs you will end up dead, in jail, or worse!

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