Friday, August 31, 2007

Super, a ferry.

I am glad that the people of Kauai are protesting the Superferry. I think that (according to our laws) if a company is given federal funding, such as the Superferry was, they should be required to conduct an Environmental Impact Statement or EIS. I am also opposed to the traffic and congestion that will occur on the outer islands. Honolulu can handle the 1000 people and 300 cars unloading at one time, but not Maui, Kauai or Hawai'i. There's only one road from Kawaihae Harbor into Kona. What if there is an accident from 1000 tourists trying to get to the same place at the same time? I wish they wouldn't have used $40 million of my money to "improve" the harbor. In Maui, the paddlers shouldn't be displaced.
Here is a recent article. Seems like the haole CEO doesn't understand that things work differently in Hawai'i than on the mainland. :)


Ben said...

Tell that superferry there's a great harbor already build in LA, and no paddlers will protest if they go there. I'm not sure where it would take people, but San Diego might be a good start. LA to SD, not much bad could come from that. It's like the old proverb, "You can't break what's already broken".

Danielle said...

when are you going to start your political career. And nice chinese wisdom ben!