Thursday, September 6, 2007


Michele and I are members of the Rose Bowl Aquatic Center. I feel very important. Hopefully, I will soon have a lock for my very own locker. Apparently, there is a weight room and sauna and things there too. Most of you know that I love to get into bench pressing competition with any wimpy dude that happens to be withing 300 feet of me. I will be hitting the weights all of the time now. We got to swim tonight for the first time. We were both very excited to be swimming. It isn't quite the same as riding my cruiser to Kaimana and swimming in the ocean, but it will do. I think that we can run there and really get a workout in. Okay, I am starting to sound like my gym friends. I guess I had better go make my muscle milk super high protein shake so that it is ready for the morning. I need my sleep, tomorrow will be a big quad day. I always need my rest before I do quads. Legs are like so important.

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Danielle said...

No way, the shoulders and arms always need to be bigger. I used to live with Kai, I know all about it.