Saturday, September 15, 2007


Last night I went for a run. There are some mountains nearby so I thought that I would head towards them. After 3 minutes, I was outside of downtown Pasadena. After 8 minutes, I was the only white person around. After 13 minutes, people were starting to stare as I went running through their 'hood. They definitely aren't used to people running for fun. Every time they heard footsteps behind them the quickly turn around and look to see who is coming up behind them.

At least I saw a few cute girls. Unfortunately, they were all pregnant. I talked to one girl (pregnant) and she told me that as soon as she got into high school she was going to start using condoms. Well that is if her boyfriend lets her. He is in prison. I started running faster as the light started to fade. I ran by liquor stores, pawn shops, check cashing stores, you know the usual ghetto things that you see in movies.
The good thing is that I found a way into the mountains. Hopefully I will get to run in them soon.

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Danielle said...

Did you seriously talk to a pregnant girl? How did youo begin that conversation? "hey, I noticed you are pregnant, how old are you, and why didn't you use a condom?" You are so suave.