Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Luckily for me my computer can barely pick up the wireless internet that is being sent out from the very plush resort nearby so I can tell you about the adventures taking place here on the beach.

We picked up Elisa (Leo's 2 month old daughter) yesterday and ran a bunch of errands. Because Leo lives 45 minutes away from the nearest town, we buy everything in bulk and try to think about everything that we will need for a week of living beside the beach. Elisa is typically happy and we looked like a great gay couple grocery shopping and fussing over our baby.

Last night I was awake to hear Elisa make typical goo goo baby sounds. If she would cry, Leo had to get up. I was in another room. I slept well. I did hear Leo say "F*ck" when he had to get up for the third time in three hours. I snickered and was glad to stay in bed. It gets cold here at night.

This morning, I got up and went wandering around the shoreline. There were gulls, pelicans, shearwaters, and cormorants. I think that they ate all of the fish however because when I busted out my Waterdog fishing pole, there were no bites.

On another completely unrelated note, my friend Ben did another triathlon. It is worth mentioning that he beat Chris McCormack and came in second place overall less than one minute behind Chris Lieto.

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Danielle said...

So you are now starting to form the jr.preservation society. I like yur style. Ben beat Macca is it? That is awesome! I am truely impressed :)