Monday, April 21, 2008


I mentioned earlier that the water was getting colder. One day we were out body boarding
when we noticed lot of birds near us. This can be good or bad. Check out Kurt's bait ball pictures to see what I mean. There were typical gulls, pelicans, probably sea lions, and some weird fast animal. Like a fish, but kinda like a bird. They were penguins. That means that the water was too cold for humans. Of course we didn't have the camera when they were around, so here is just another body boarding picture. I couldn't feel most of my body despite the wetsuit, so I tended to paddle in first. This gave me the opportunity to take pictures of the moon. Yes, Leo was still in the water as I watched the moon rise.
In Quintay, near where Leo lives, there is an old whaling station. There is a little history of the area, but it was tough to find out the details. Lots of bloodshed, obviously. There was a neat area where they would drag the whales up from the ocean. Pictures of the bay full of dead whales. We accomplished a lot in the week that I was in Quintay and I realized again that I am not cut out for manual labor. Or cold water.
Tomorrow, I am off to Peru. Machu Picchu here I come. Then Boulder a week later. It is strange to to think that I will be back in the United States soon.

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