Thursday, January 28, 2010

New York, Day 2.

Day 2. "Chicago" at night. Empire State Building and Central Park during the day. The building was more impressive from the outside. I don't think that it was worth the twenty bucks to take the elevator from the top.
It was snowing when we woke up this morning. We walked to Central Park where people were making snowmen. It was cold today, but not too cold to enjoy the city.
"The Pond" in Central Park.
 Empire State Building from the top.
 Mona, Moj, and Amy after dinner at Good Burger. I don't think that Good Burger is participating in restaurant week, but tomorrow we will take advantage of those good deals again.
Chicago was great. And that is right, none other than Ashley Simpson-Wentz was one of the main characters. I had no idea that she had a couple of albums out and had been on TV. Good night!

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amy j said...

so happy I got to see you guys while you were in the city. xx