Monday, April 12, 2010

Parachute Adams.

3 of 6 today.
Today I got my run done early which left me time to fish before the next session of dog training. Yesterday, I went on a fish recon mission which proved that Eben G. Fine park is one of the best places to fish in Boulder. Sure the fish are small, but they are hungry and love to eat dry flies. I tied two parachutes and two foam elk hair caddis. The fish were rising aggressively which always makes for some fun fishing! The biggest issue that I am having is the trout's teeth are tearing the hackle on my parachutes. So my third fish tore the hackle off. I had given the other parachute to my friend and he gave it to a tree. Now it was time for the caddis. I have had good luck with green foam, but made another with orange foam. Orange to a trout is like red to a bull. Except the trout want to eat the orange objects. When fishing the St. Joe river in Idaho, the cutthroats would try to eat my orange indicator.
In the end I landed a couple with the green foam, but didn't try the all orange foam elk hair caddis. Tonight, I have swimming and indoor soccer. What a great day off. Life is good.

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