Thursday, January 17, 2008

6 days

I have been swimming at the Kona pier a lot lately. Kurt taught me about free immersion.Parker and I swam half of the Ironman course. Here he is at the turn around buoy. I can’t get over how beautiful the water is here. We see bright fish everyday. We saw a pod of dolphins the other day.
The feeding tube came out today. Here is Dad enjoying teriyaki steak from Big Island Grill. Now that he is on the road to recovery, I can travel the world knowing that he will be fine.

I put my bike together. Hopefully, it won’t be mad at me for neglecting it for so long. I just got an email from Amy with a huge cast on her arm. Being typical Amy, she might still race this weekend. Swimming without bending her elbow, pushing (not riding) her bike uphill, both ways, then running the grueling 10k.

Good luck at XTERRA World Championships everyone!

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