Thursday, January 17, 2008

new world record

I am so impressed by some people that I have to keep posting blogs every day. I have done olympic distance triathlons. I think that I am pretty good. The last one that I competed in I placed 6th out of 47 people in my age group. But this is not about me. Last weekend, a few thousand people were slogging through the heat of Kona to complete an Ironman race. There were also a couple other guys in Dallas that were doing something amazing.
My friend Ben was being dragged (very quickly) through an olympic distance race by Aaron Scheidies. They finished their race in under two hours. 1:58:08 actually. Ten minutes faster than any olympic race that I have ever done. Oh yeah and did I mention that Aaron has only 10% of the vision that I have?! Literally, he can barely see. Sometimes I lack vision and forethought, but this kid is amazing. 4.0 in college, fast as anybody triathlete, and according to Ben, just a really nice guy.
While I was out partying with the Kona IM people, my friend Baltazar was trying to get the courage to talk to a girl. The girl was gorgeous, but was with some dude. Of course every guy watching automatically hates the guy that is kissing the hot chick. Turns out the guy was actually pretty cool. He founded an organization called C Different. Now to me, that is impressive, you know doing good in the world, raising money and awareness for people with disabilities, but there is more. Then I found out that he also ran the Kona Ironman race the day before with a visually impaired athlete. So here is this guy that not only talks the talk, but race the race. Now I know why he had such a hot and friendly girlfriend. Not only that, he encouraged Baltazar to take some pictures with her. Thanks guys!
Check out C Different here!

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