Wednesday, March 19, 2008

getting a job

Thousands of islands are found in Ha Long Bay. This creates a lot of bays to hide in.

I finally got to do some real (lead) climbing yesterday. My new boss helped me. Ok, so I don’t really have a job, it is more like an internship. I am helping the guys at Slo Pony Adventures, and they are helping me get back into climbing. It is a great way to keep myself occupied until we leave Vietnam.

We went to a “party” after climbing the other day. It was very authentic. Lots of drinking and lots of food. They have a drink called Zio. It is some sort of alcohol. They called it a rice wine, but it is more like 151. I think that you can light it on fire. Zio looks like dirty creek water and tastes like gasoline. However, drinking that probably kills whatever bacteria is living in the goat’s blood that we ate. My stomach hasn’t been right for the last couple days after attending this “party”.

Klaus (click his name to read his around the world rock climbing trip) and I enjoy each other’s company more than eating goat’s blood. But I think that it makes him a stronger climber.

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