Monday, July 6, 2009

7 inches is better than 4.

My new guide.
Heading back to the river after the rain subsided Mojdeh caught a fish! We were on a roll. The next day (4th of July) we went downhill mountain biking at Keystone. I had 7 inches of travel in my fork Moj went for the safe option and has 4 inches of travel.
Nice view.
I didn't go very fast.
The video will be coming out soon. Well, whenever we get around to it. That night, we drove to Glenwood Springs and slept in the parking lot of a bike store. We watched the fireworks from the van. It was nice. The next morning, we got up and I rode my bike to Aspen. It is about 50 miles and all uphill. I hit a thunderstorm about 8 miles from town. I showed up to a bike store soaking wet and very glad that they were open on a Sunday.
My view headed to Aspen.
Everyone like to chat about Lance Armstrong as he trains there for a couple of weeks before this weeks TdF. In Aspen, we admired all the fancy cars and things that make Aspen a great place to just sit and watch. Then of course we headed to a fly fishing shop to get more flies and some advice. Guess what happened next.
 Moj gets another!
We were starting to feel like we knew what we were doing. That night we had a real dinner (in a restaurant) and went to sleep in the parking lot of Buttermilk Mountain. 4 nights without paying for accommodation and utilising our van was great. Not showering was gross. Oh well. We got up and left Aspen early heading back to Frisco to see if we could see a friend at Podium Sports. Not wanting to leave the mountains, we hit the Blue River in Breckenridge one more time.
Luck was on my side.
I nailed another Brook Trout (this one a little bigger than the last). I used a pink worm this time. It was my first time using a fake worm as a fly. The young kid that worked at the store in Breck gave me some great advice (and flies). Off to indoor soccer.

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